1st August,  2021


Hello ladies,

Well I've surfaced again! After having no news from me since the previous lockdown, then we were up and running again, only to lockdown again!! Now with fingers crossed we are hopeful to remain open till at least Christmas!

So I have been using the time to continue sprucing things up at the shop - the back part of the shop has been given a lick of paint to smarten it up! There's still a few finishing touches to finish off up the back, but it's looking nice and fresh.

Then the day the recent lockdown was announced, our new display unit was installed at the front of the shop  ....  and it's a ripper!! It holds fabric on all 4 sides, the top is woodlike laminate, so it matches the counter and then there are the boxes that have been made to hold patterns, kits and smaller fabric packs! All making it so much easier to browse and see whats new! A huge thank you to Dale of Johnston Designs in Coburg North for bringing my ideas to fruition!

Also on that same day the lockdown was announced, I received a delivery of the best Christmas fabric that I have seen for many years!! Among others there is an Aussie Advent calendar! Oh my goodness - how long have we waited for one of those?!! Anyway during the lockdown, I have been embellishing that panel and it's coming up a treat! I have nearly finished adding beads, sparkly threads, buttons etc. There is anothre panel that could be made up into cushions, which I will make up once the calendar is done. I will get those fabrics onto the website tomorrow.

It is so good having the ladies back for classes - I work on the theory if school goes back, our classes are back too! 

So remember we are here to help you with any queries you may have, you are very welcome to come and browse and have a "craft fix"! 


With best wishes,