November 23rd, 2020


Hello ladies,

It seems odd that we are now looking forward to Christmas doesn't it, being that we missed out on half the year!!

I am loving catching up with so many ladies again, both class mates and customers! I have seen ladies who have nearly emptied their cupboards of unfinished projects, and ladies who have tried new crafts or begun something new! Quilters who are now making their own clothing, knitters who are now trying cross stitch, and ladies who have had a brand new sewing machine still in the box, getting it out after 3 years and 'giving it a go'! We have all dealt with the restrictions in different ways - I didn't stitch a thing, but I did a lot of gardening (you wouldn't know it now - the weeds have taken over!) and have re-arranged the shop. 

We are well stocked up with Christmas projects - stitcheries, patterns, fabric and embroidery kits. Our windows are festive and Christmasy with giftware, fabric and stitcheries - the next 5 weeks will fly by!!

It is great having the ladies back for classes, albeit with restricted numbers! Not a lot of work got done the first week, but now everyone is keen to make up for lost time! I now have the calendar out, sorting out some holiday classes for the start of the New Year! 


Take care, and remember if you're passing by and the lights on - pop in!